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Hypnotherapy for Exam Stress near Reigate, Surrey


To Perform Better.

Help for Exam Stress and Anxiety at School or College

When you're sitting exams, do you feel stress, anxiety and panic?

Your brain performs best when relaxed, and you know how to sit in a room and relax.

You just need help connecting that sense of calm with those exams.

Reigate Hypnotherapy for Exam Stress

We can help you.

We use advanced psychological therapies to help retrain your brain for more calm.

You can release exam stress and anxiety.

You can perform better.

We're here for you.

Ways To Deal With Anxiety

Do you want help with anxiety?

Subscribe to our anxiety support email here.

We'll also include a free "Guide to Anxiety Relief" booklet.

Help for exams in Reigate, Surrey

We can help students from all the local schools, colleges and universities.

Local colleges include:

Wherever you have exam stress, we can help you have exam calm.

Invest in yourself

Choose between one, three or six sessions, to help make that change for you.

Sessions can be booked anytime within 24 months of purchase.

Reigate Hypnotherapy Specialist

Book your appointment to work with our specialist, Keith Dewey.

Keith Dewey

Keith has trained in a wide range of therapies to help, including hypnotherapy, NLP, CBT, Havening, BWRT and health psychology.

You can expect you session to be welcoming, relaxing, informative, fun and life changing.

Keith is currently in the Reigate hypnotherapy clinic on Wednesdays and Sundays, and available online via Zoom for the rest of the week.

The hypnotherapy clinic is in central Reigate - 1st floor at 7 Castlefield Rd Reigate, Surrey, RH2 0SA.

Time For Change

If you want us to help with your anxiety, contact us or book an appointment today.

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