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Anxiety From Food and Drink


You can make anxiety worse.


Bad Foods Make Anxiety Worse

Eating the wrong foods can create or worsen anxiety.

Those feelings come from your body, which is powered by what you eat.

Foods that make anxiety worse.

That same as putting good fuel in a car.

The same with your body, brain and mind.

Your body runs on what you eat and drink.

Let's find out more about eating to reduce anxiety.

Please note, this is not nutritional nor medical advice. See you doctor or nutritionalist to get the right magnesium for you.

Ways To Deal With Anxiety

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What Foods Make Anxiety Worse?

Our top list of foods to make anxiety worse, starting with three non foods, include:

  1. Alcohol
  2. Smoking
  3. Caffeine
  4. Sugar
  5. Processed Foods
  6. Deep Fried Foods
  7. White Bread
  8. Artificial Sweeteners
  9. Excessive Salt
  10. Dairy Products
  11. Fast Food

Let's have a look at these in more detail now.

What foods can make anxiety worse?

1) Alcohol

Your brain may forget to feel anxiety while on alcohol, but feelings of anxiety often increase as the alcohol leaves your system.

2) Smoking

Not food, as such, but the chemicals poision your body, meaning your body has to fight an invisible enemy. That's just stressful and builds anxiety.

3) Caffeine

Found in coffee, tea, energy drinks, and some sodas, caffeine can increase heart rate and stimulate the nervous system, potentially triggering or worsening anxiety symptoms.

4) Sugar

Foods high in refined sugars, such as candy, pastries, and sugary drinks, can cause rapid fluctuations in blood sugar levels, leading to mood swings and increased anxiety.

5) Processed Foods

Processed foods often contain high levels of unhealthy fats, sugars, and additives, which can negatively impact mood stability and contribute to anxiety symptoms.

6) Deep Fried Foods

Foods fried in unhealthy oils can lead to inflammation in the body, which may exacerbate feelings of anxiety.

7) White Bread

Foods made from refined white flour can cause blood sugar spikes and crashes, leading to mood swings and increased anxiety.

8) Artificial Sweeteners

Some artificial sweeteners, such as aspartame, have been linked to changes in brain chemistry and mood disturbances in susceptible individuals.

9) Excessive Salt

High sodium intake, often found in processed and fast foods, can lead to increased blood pressure and exacerbate feelings of stress and anxiety.

10) Dairy Products

Certain individuals may be sensitive to dairy and experience worsened anxiety symptoms due to digestive issues or inflammation triggered by dairy consumption.

11) Fast Food

Typically high in unhealthy fats, sugars, and sodium, fast food can disrupt gut health and negatively impact mood regulation.

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Blogs by Keith Dewey

We hope you found this information useful.

This blog was written by Keith Dewey, our lead therapist.

In addition to being trained in various therapies, and having a personal interest in the impact that food (biology) has on psychology, he is also studying an MSc in Health Psychology with Ulster University.

Scientific research used for this blog includes:

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