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Lump in Throat Anxiety Feeling


Physical sensations of anxiety


Tightness in throat from anxiety or stress

When people have anxiety, stress, distress, tension or worry, there can be various physical symptoms.

It might include the feeling of a lump in your throat, or a sensation of tightness in your throat.

Lump in throat feeling anxiety stress

Biological, social and psychological treatments can often help to let that feeling go.

Ways To Deal With Anxiety

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What are the symptoms - anxiety lump in throat?

There may be a feeling in the throat, that could be described as:

If the cause is anxiety, or a stress related matter, the feeling may come and go.

It may change, depending on what you're thinking about, how you're feeling, or what you're doing.

For example, during grief, the feeling may increase while thinking of the loved one who has been lost.

What causes the anxiety throat lump feeling?

Anxiety and stress release a wide range of electrochemical signals into the body.

This can cause muscles to tense up, which can cause the feeling of tension in the throat.

You may know people who hold their neck when stressed, which is a sign that the subconscious is storing tension there.

Stress also impacts the thyroid gland, which is also in the neck, and causes the body's metabolism to slow.

Similar Issues

It is important for us to highlight that issues with the throat can be due to other reasons.

If you are concerned about what might be causing it, you should see your GP for medical advice.

Help for anxiety lump in throat

Do you want help with that feeling of lump or tightness, that comes and goes with stressful thoughts or feelings?

There are various techniques that can help.

Biologically, it can help to reduce anxiety with improved nutrition and exercise.

Socially, it can help to take a time out or work to change the cause of the stress.

Psychologically, we can help you to retrain your mind, to deal with situations and anxiety in better ways.

With the right approaches, that lump can just dissolve.

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