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The Anxiety Throat Lump

How anxiety can make a lump in your throat.
Globus Sensation

Can anxiety cause a lump in the throat?

We often find that clients suffering from anxiety, stress, worries, fears and phobias feel like they have a lump in their throat or a tightness in their throat.

They may have already gone to the doctor and specialist consultants, who were unable to find a physical cause.

The specialist may have said that it is psychosomatic, which means that it is a physical condition that is aggravated or triggered by the brain.

But that doesn't mean that there isn't a physical condition.

It doesn't mean that it's just all in your head.

What's the medical term for a lump in my throat?

Psychosomatic throat lumps are so common, they have been given a medical name.

In fact, it has been given three medical names, which suggests some confusion still.

The medical terms for a psychosomatic feeling of a lump in the throat are:

We use the term Globus Sensation, as this is the most commonly used and the easiest to remember.

What causes Globus Sensation?

Common causes of the feeling of a lump in your throat include:

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Help for lump in my throat

If you feel like you have a lump in your throat, we always recommend seeing a GP to check for any physical conditions.

Otherwise, it may be that your mind has become upset by something. You may be consciously aware of what the concern is, or it may be a subconscious concern that your brain feels unable to express.

You brain may have decided to tell you about that concern by using a psychosomatic symptom.

FreeYourMind.UK therapies work directly with the subconscious mind, and can help you release those concerns.

If your doctor or specialist consultant is unable to diagnose an issue, you may find that techniques we use, such as hypnotherapy, can calm the mind and therefore calm the body.

You can also try self-help to release the tension, such as:

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Globus Sensation feeling of a lump in my throat from anxiety, stress, tension, worry, fear.