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About Your Therapist

Our Leading Therapist

Keith Dewey (MNCH-Reg, ADCH, B.Sc. Cog Sci, MBPS) is well known for his skill and passion in helping people to think better.

His research has focused on the most effective rapid approaches to create change in the subconscious mind.

He can help you make the changes that you want.

Therapy Qualifications

Client well-being is our absolute priority.

Qualifications are not a legal obligation for therapists, but we think they should be.

By working with Keith, you'll know you're in safe hands:

Therapy Locations

Our primary treatment rooms are in:

Our Worplesdon location has free parking and is within easy reach of:

What Our Clients Say

"Keith is an amazing therapist, professional, relaxed and extremely patient. I am utterly astonished with the results of my session with him. I feel a sense of calm and self acceptance that hasn't been there before."

"Amazing! My negative feelings just drifted away."

"I tried so many approaches, but our one meeting has helped more than them all"

"I woke up this morning with a feeling which I haven't felt in more than 30 years. It was a feeling of comfort and inner peace."

"After smoking for years, I just don't even think about cigarettes anymore"

"I feel amazing :-)))"

Therapy Regulation

We obide by the:

We are regulated for hypnotherapy by:

hypnotherapy regulation NSPsy logo hypnotherapy regulation SCCP logo ICO logo freeyourminduk

We are also a graduate member of the British Psychological Society.

We're insured for £2.5m professional liability, but have never received a complaint about our services!

If you wish to raise a complaint, please see our formal complaints procedure.

Our Therapy Code of Ethics

We will:

Treatment Fees

Our fees reflect the fact that we expect fast, long lasting results for clients.

We won't be giving you therapy for years, or even for months. We work in hours, days and weeks.

Most clients only require three to five appointments.

Our standard fee is:

This is comparable with weekly expenses, such as a tank of petrol, a decent pair of shoes or proper hairdressing. It also compares very well against less regular activities such as the dentist or vets bills.

We offer discounts to the services, include nurses, police, ambulance drivers, fire brigade and military persons.

We also offer seasonal deals, so please contact us for today's discounts.

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We care about you and your data.

Resolve Trauma, PTSD, anxiety, phobia, smoking, weight loss.
Locations: London and Guildford (Near Woking, Farnham, Godalming, Epsom, Cobham, Richmond).
Treatments: Rapid Emotion Recoding, Hypnotherapy, EFT, EMDR+.